Quest descriptionEdit

"You know nothing about space-time!" The old druid swayed as he yelled at the dwarf. "The problem is not in tearing it, but in obscurating the edges!"
"If we find an obscurator, even a knucklehead like you can manage!"
"What do you mean, where do you look for it? It can be anywhere, even in the gutter. Nowadays, they don't even know what they walk on!"
"Just a minute, why are you yelling at my dwarf," I had to interfere. "You druids will think of anything when you're in your cups!"
"Your Grace, I swear it by my beard, even if you just go around your neighbors you'll find at least one obscurator. Just look carefully, they haven't been used for a thousand years, they're only stones left now."

Quest objectivesEdit

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Manor 10 Visit friends and see if there's anything unusual there 5 Ruby requ
Spindle 10 Send 10 free spindles to friends -- they'll help to detect magical objects 5 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

I don't know if anything practical will come out of this, but it's worthwile to send the dwarves for the "Obscurator", at least to get the better of this theorizing druid!


  • Must visit 10 different Friends. Need 10 or more friends on your Friend List.