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KaB Wiki History:
This wiki was founded in January 2015. It was built up single-handedly by User:PotniaZoon, and by User:F0NNi while active, for the first 1 1/2 years since founding of the wiki. Most of the content was provided by them. By mid-2018, the wiki has had twelve users that had more than 100 edits.

Note: The wiki does not magically happen on its own but requires gathering and transcribing of information, texts, images, i.e. people who put in work and time. Information on knight issues was thus sparse due of lack of knight contributors.
So to any questions or complaints about any lack of content or outdated information or not being up-to-date across the board: Because content happens through contributors laboring to organize, write, and update this wiki and there is/was a severe dearth of those. (see here to see edit stats)


This wiki was established/founded on: SATURDAY, JANUARY 31, 2015.
Current Date: Tuesday, September 22,2020 - 23:47.

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We are always looking for more help you can start with; Special:Insights as well as To do list. If you are confused you can always contact the founder or one of the admins for assistance.

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