The Airship is a vehicle that enables travel between locations.

Airships are powered with fuel made from Sunflower seeds.

Airship, also know as a Flying Drakkars was first used by Bandits to fly around the world. Later this method of Transportation was adopted by the Dwarves.


Airship 1
Little Airship
owned at game start
(formerly rewarded by
quest Lights in the Dark)
Capacity: 350
Tank volume: 200
Airship 2
100 Ruby requ
Capacity: 500
Tank volume: 500
Flying pearl
Flying Pearl
Capacity: 500
Tank volume: 500
Temporary/event reward airships
Christmas sleigh with reindeer
Christmas Sleigh
Capacity: 400
Tank volume: 350
Kate's paraglider
Kate's Paraglider
Capacity: 500
Tank volume: 500


The Airship menu has two tabs, Airship and Load. The Airship tab shows the airship's stats, the fuel gauge, and the travel options. The Load tab shows the ship's cargo hold. The airship needs to be powered with fuel to travel, which is made from sunflower seeds in the Workshop.

You are also able to store other structures and decoration into the airship and take with you to various locations. Such as the Geologist Miners which can help you mine rare resources. The miners can be produced in the Factory, and weight 30kg each.

Airship equipmentEdit



Airship travel needs various items. The airship needs a supply of Fuel, which is used up in flight. There are various items needed to access locations, as well as several kinds of upgrades for the airship.

Navigator itemsEdit

Navigator items enable travel to specific locations. The items can be installed in the airship to enable it to move to various locations that can only be accessed with the respective item. The items are permanent and have an unlimited lifespan. When the airship is exchanged, the items are unequipped and returned to storage.


Airship equipment upgrades make flight easier and cheaper, by increasing the airship's capacity and by fuel saving. The equipment upgrades are non-permanent items and can be used a number of flights before they break. They can be installed in the airship's "Upgrade" tab when available in storage, or bought with rubies when not.

Capacity upgrades:

Fuel saving upgrades:

Quests using the structure:Edit

Lady quests:

Knight quests:


If you happen to own more than one Ship they can be switched back and forth from your inventory. But not from the Airmast. Upon switch the fuel gauge is reset to zero.

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