Architect's Manor is a location of the Faraway Lands that can be reached via the airship.

It goes together with the Mysterious Blueprint quest.


In-game tagline: "Help do the puzzle."



Objects to take home: Colored path (16 center), Stone path (20 center, 27 straight), 4 Stockade, 2 Stone wall, 1 Lantern (yellow, sellable but not transportable).

Resources: special resources are Cactus, Sulfur, Clay, Iron, Wheat.

Georesources: Red Marble x3, Sulfur x3.

Monsters: Bandits x5 (5 each in WSW, ESE, NW; 7 each in close and far NE).


The Puzzle needs to be assembled from Puzzle Pieces found on the location map. Once assembled correctly, it can be transformed by clicking the Button: The Puzzle Pieces become resources (10pcs, Xp requ, Coin scr, Stones), and the Button (1pcs) allows the collection of a reward: 1 Mould, Coin scr, Xp requ, 20 Ruby requ, 20 Steel, 20 Nails, 20 Rods, 20 Screw nuts, 5 Amberine, 5 Rubyrine, 5 Amethine, 5 Fluorine, 3 Circular Saw, 2 Emerald Potion, 3 Ancient chip.


"Create colony" requirements:

Rewards: 25 Ruby requ, 150000 Coin scr, 120 Energy requ

Daily Rewards: 1 Matches, 1 Victorium III, 10 Yarn, 2 Emerald, 3 Plates, 3 Mortar, 2 Fan, 5 Scissors. (Weight: 152 Weight icon)


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