Armor and weaponry, specifically armor, lances and shields, are wearables and equipment that can be worn and carried by players into combat. It can be bought at the Fitting Room and enchanted in the Forge. Equipment is specific to Knights and Ladies.

Armor and weaponry are stored in the inventory / Backpack in the Character menu, accessed by clicking on your figure or your image at the top of the screen. They are equipped and unequipped by picking them up and dropping them in the "wear" slots or in the inventory slots. Equipment can be sold by picking them up and dropping them on the sale icon in the inventory's lower right corner.

The Character menu switches between Civilian and Military wear menus via the button below the Player image.

For comprehensive lists of equipment, see:


Equipment has various stats and bonuses that add to your base character stats.

  • Durability ( Durability icon) of the equipment; this goes down by 1 each fight you win, 2 each fight you lose.
  • bonus Health ( Stat-Health): affects Health points; the base stat for armor
  • bonus Damage ( Stat-Damage): affects Damage points you inflict; the base stat for lances
  • Protection: affects protection / Defense; the base stat for shields
  • bonus Crit Chance ( Stat-Critchance): affects Crit Chance
  • bonus Crit Strength ( Stat-Critstrength): affects Crit Strength
  • bonus Starting Rage ( Stat-Rage): affects Rage


  • The 08.12.2015 update marked a major reform of the armor and weaponry system. Previously, the Forge crafted new armor and weaponry instead of enchanting market-bought equipment; the update also made the Forge available to Ladies. With it came an overhaul of the stats of the armor and weaponry items.

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