Battlefield is a location that can be reached via the airship.



  • Ringleader's Den, main location building.
  • Stone Throne, decoration to transport home. (NE) Needs to be loaded directly from map to airship, can't be loaded from Ringleader's Den storage to airship.
  • Prisoners: 5 prisoners (3 female, 2 male)

Objects to take home: 3 Scary fence.

Resources: special resources are Skeleton with Warrior Soul, Basalt, Red Marble, Diamonds, Silver, Gold, Malachite, Poppy, Bandits' Barricades.

Geologist resources: Basalt x3 260pcs, Red Marble x3 210pcs.

Monsters: Bandits x4.


Black knight

Black knight aka Bandit Load

After finishing the final stage of the Ringleader's Den, you must defeat the bandit leader in combat or magic for 150 energy (Regardless of what you choose). Upon defeat you receive;

(Weight: 311 Weight icon)


"Create colony" requirements:

  • Empty the Ringleader's Den storage. It must be empty.
  • Collect all chests, baskets, bundles of grass and logs from the territory.
  • Clear 70% of the land of stones and plants. (FBFacebook logo: 30%)
  • Complete The Skirmish quest.

Rewards: 20 Ruby requ, 100000 Coin scr, 100 Energy requ

Daily Rewards:


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