Betrothal Rings are worn by betrotheds. They can be sent to opposite-gender players in an offer of betrothal; if accepted, the players are betrothed, if not the ring is destroyed.

Betrothal RingsEdit

Ring Buy
666 Ruby requ 20000 Coin scr Gold and rubies - this ring is as expensive as LOVE.

·English: Sinister · Deutsch: Unheimlich · Nederlands: Sinister ·

Ring-Copper ring boxRing-Copper ring
Copper Ring
5 Ruby requ 100 Coin scr A budget BETROTHAL ring

·English: Copper Ring · Deutsch: Kupferring · Nederlands: Koperen Ring ·

Ring-Imperial ring boxRing-Imperial ring
Imperial Ring
299 Ruby requ 50000 Coin scr Gold and rubies - this ring is as expensive as LOVE.

·English: Imperial Ring · Deutsch: Kaiserring · Nederlands: Keizerlijke Ring ·

Ring-Royal ring boxRing-Royal ring
Royal Ring
99 Ruby requ 15000 Coin scr The honorable choice for those who will do anything for their SOUL-MATE.

·English: Royal Ring · Deutsch: Königsring · Nederlands: Koninklijke Ring ·

Ring-Gold ring boxRing-Gold ring
Gold Ring
50 Ruby requ 5000 Coin scr The well-to-do choice. BETROTHAL Ring.

·English: Gold Ring · Deutsch: Goldring · Nederlands: Gouden Ring ·

Ring-Simple ring boxRing-Simple ring
Simple Ring
25 Ruby requ 500 Coin scr The savings-minded choice for a BETHROTHAL.

·English: Simple Ring · Deutsch: Einfacher Ring · Nederlands: Eenvoudige Ring ·


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