Blumburg is a location in the Faraway Lands that can be reached via the airship.

It goes together with the Blumburg questline.


In-game tagline: "Set out on new adventures to the Northern Kingdom and discover the secrets of the locals!"


Map areas: starting area (S, W), Guards Quarter area (E), Shipbuilders Quarter area (E), Doges Quarter area.


Objects to take home: ...

Resources: special resources are Fallen Oak, Snowy oak, Obsidian Deposits, Peat Bog, Silver (C), Gold (E), Snow-covered pine, Energy tree, Snowy cranberry.

Georesources: none.


"Create colony" requirements:

Rewards: 20 Ruby requ, 100000 Coin scr, 100 Energy requ

Daily Rewards: 20 Energy requ, 6 Caviar, 3 Tin, 3 Mortar, 5 Obsidian Ore, 10 Draconite, 5 Malachite Ore, 1 Trading Contract, 3 Oak Wood, 3 Ring, 1 Grimoire. (Weight: 260 Weight icon)


From Facebook :-
Welcome to the first of our Northern Lands!
Blumburg is a permanent location available from level 10.
Follow the quest line and don’t rush! This is the key to make the most out of your Blumburg adventure.
Stuck and confused? Click the magnifying glass by the task you cannot complete and get guidance!

  • When in Blumburg, first find the Market Square. There you will get to swap for Peaks Union Crones, the currency of Blumburg. These crones will get you to the Guards Quarter.

Reach out to the Bear Forces General and show him how good you are at ides-fishing.
To start ides-fishing you need a titanium auger. Make one at the Market Square and use it to bore holes in the ice. Go back to the Market Square and make some rods and baits, too. Keep fishing till you catch 8 ides. Then take the ides and go to the Bear Forces General.

  • Your next task is to get into the Shipbuilders Quarter. It’ll cost you 5 Peaks Union Crones that you will need to give to the Guard at the entrance to the area.

There you’ll get to earn the Order of Labor. To get it you will need to help the dwarves fix the icebreaker.

  • Your next mission is to complete the trade orders at the icebreaker. Show the Doge of Blumburg your trading contract to prove him your competence and he will let you into the Doges Quarter.
  • The final mission for you is to establish the Embassy of Northern Lands at your Estate and never impede trade.

Good luck!

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