The Camp is a location and the space of the Knight. Here he can build and use structures, harvest natural resources, farm crops and keep animals. The Lady's equivalent space is the Estate.


The Camp is made up of several territories, which can be accessed one after another.

  • starting territory
  • Territory Land Beyond the River, via Gates
  • Territory Land by the Gate, via Pit
  • Territory Lands by the Castle, via Ancient Gates
Map camp orig pz1

The Knight's Camp; original state.

Base stateEdit

On starting the game the Camp's starting area has:

  • Structures: A Tent, Table, Fitting Room, Bulletin Board; renewable ruins of Forge, Workshop, Sawmill;
  • Decorations: 1 Idol (winged lion man), 1 Dummy, 1 Viscount Flag, 2 Briar-rose, 8 Fence (brown),1 Fence (with vines), 1 Fence (with vines, broken), 3 Colored (Center), 1 Paved (Middle), 18 Paved (End);
  • Treasures: ???.

Land Beyond the River has: 

  • Structures: Quarry;
  • Decorations: 8 Paved (end), 7 Paved (Middle), 2 Paved Corner;
  • Treasures: 5 yellow-red gift box, 2 purple gift boxes.

Land by the Gate has:

  • Decorations: Fountain, 1 Paved Corner, 7 Paved (end), 1 Paved (center), 1 Fence (brown), 8 Fence (with vines), 2 Fence (with vines, broken);
  • Treasures: 3 yellow-red gift box, 1 red gift bag.

Lands by the Castle has:

  • Platform for Castle
  • Decorations: Statue of a boy, 2 Paved (end);
  • Treasures: 4 yellow-red gift box, 2 purple gift boxes.