The Caravan is a constantly looping quest.


The Caravan takes a 15-day route to the castle. Each day it asks for a number of items to be provided by the player, who receives rewards for it. The asked-for items change and are not the same on each play-through of the caravan quest.

Once the travel time of 15 days is up, the quest loops back to the beginning and starts again at Day 1. The caravan can also be reset to restart the route on Day 1, at any time.

If a day of entering materials is skipped, the day is cut off the end of the travel, so that the caravan cannot reach the last day(s) of the route. Skipped days can be unlocked again through the use of rubies.

Quest objectives and rewardsEdit

Day Reward
Day 1 1 Lila potion
Day 2 2 Lila potion
Day 3 2 +15 Energy drink
Day 4 4 Magic Egg
Day 5 1 +50 Energy drink
Day 6 5 +15 Energy drink
Day 7 10 Ruby requ
Day 8 7 Magic Egg
Day 9 1 Bomb
Day 10 6 +15 Energy drink
Day 11 7 +15 Energy drink
Day 12 15 Ruby requ
Day 13 3 +50 Energy drink
Day 14 1 Super-bomb
Day 15 25 Ruby requ

Common Resources requested:


  • The caravan requests different items each time you go through it, so you can not predict what you will need, common requested items are listed above.
  • After each collection of Rubies, it appears the items become more complex in acquiring them.
  • During the 2018 Ho-Ho-Ho Land event, there was a similarly built questline: Sleigh with Gifts (quest).

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