Cleo is a structure in the travel location Lost Ships Island sublocation Mermaids' Domains.


Structure Stage Materials Reward
Stage 1 1 in Lost Ships Island sublocation Mermaids' Domains none
Stage 2 1 Shoes Shoes
150 Corals Corals
150 Algae Algae
50 Xp requ, 500 Coin scr
Stage 3 set Sound Barrier Sound barrier, created in McManus


Tagline: "Speak with the Mermaid to find out what she wants in exchange for silence."

Upgrading Cleo to stage 2 gives the message: "Hellooo! My sacred duty is to sing for all the sea creatures! I help crabs relax! Even the manatee sings along! If you're not enjoying it, you can leaveeeeee!"

Afterwards, it gives the message: "Set a Sound Barrier around the mermaid to focus the sound on the Entrance to Persephone's Domain. Check barrier?"

New Objective - Sound BarrierEdit

Create stones in McManus. Then place stones from Storage. Click stone to rotate it

Map location Puzzle
Cleo map Stones placement

Place a stone in position 1. Click Cleo to check stone placement. If Cleo is highlighted in RED try another stone in this position. If the STONE you placed is highlighted in RED it is placed correctly. Move clockwise to the next stone position. Click stone to rotate stone direction clockwise. Do this for all 8 stones.

Sound Barrier CompletedEdit

Once the stones are all I place click on the structure for further instructions

Caption: Set a Sound Barrier around her to focus the sound on the Entrance to Persephone's Domain.

Structure Stage Materials Reward
Stage 1
1 in Mermaid's Domains None
Stage 2
200 Corals Corals
200 Algae Algae
100 Abstractus Abstractus
Mermaid's silence
50 Xp requ

Stage 2
Wow! This statue is so great, no one will notice my absence! I can finally go on vacation without any worries. I think I want to visit a tropical island, maybe with some mountains or better, with a volcano! Do you happen to know such a place?

Stage 3
Completion opens Persephone's Domain domain.


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