The Dahlia Flower Bed is a harvest cycle structure that grows Dahlias.

There are 7 variations of the flowerbed, each capable of growing one color of dahlia: original red, blue, yellow, purple, green, orange and white dahlias. The process of constructing, watering and harvesting is all the same yielding the same result.


Structure Stage Materials Reward
Dahlia flower bed stage1
Stage 1
Dahlia flower bed stage2
Stage 2
5 Steel, 30 Wood, 50 Stones 1000 Xp requ
Dahlia flower bed stage3
Stage 3
20 Beads, 5 Band, 20 Hammer 2000 Xp requ
Dahlia flower bed stage4
Stage 4
5 Ribbon, 10 Paint, 5 Bow 3000 Xp requ
Dahlia flower bed stage5harvest
Stage 5 = Finished
1 Dahlia (of the proper color), 1 Cape, 5 Bottle 3000 Xp requ
Dahlia flower bed stage5flower
harvesting cycle
watering will trigger the 1st Phase of 168 h during which it needs 3 Bottle, 1 Gloves, 1 Cane or will wilt;
after taking care: 2nd Phase of 72 h to transformation & harvest.
If after 7 days you fail to maintain the flower and it wilts, it needs to repair: .


Dahlia multi

The Dahlia Flower Bed can be bought for and planted with several different colors of Dahlias.

The structure can be harvested regularly on a cycle, to receive numerous rewards. It takes 3 days to bloom and be ready to harvest. When harvested it needs to be provided with certain items to restart the cycle, during a phase of 7 days. If it is not tended to within this time limit it wilts, and will need additional items to repair and restart it again. Storing the structure also wilts it.

Caring after harvest:

Repairing after wilting:

Harvesting reward:

Harvesting the White Dahlia gives:


  • you can move the Dahlia Flower Bed into storage after you have harvested it, but it will have withered when you place it again.

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