Dwarfville (formerly Dwarfsville[1]) is a location that can be reached via the Portal. It is unlocked by the title Marquis/Marquise, alternatively access to ownership rights can be purchased for 10,000 Ruby requ.

Dwarfville has six houses located in the starting area of the small village, which has two craftswomen and four craftsmen which are lodges housing the dwarves of the Village. The Crafts-lodge are also warehouses used for crafting items and "Materials Sets" that can be used for construction once restored.


The area is made up of several territories, which can be accessed one after another.

  • starting territory North part of the village, via Portal
    • Territory Eastern part of the village., via Eastern Arch
    • Territory Western part of the village./West Dwarfville area, via Western Arch
      • Territory South part of the village./South Dwarfville area, via Southern Arch


Resources: special resources are cedar, Pine, diamonds, silver deposits, iron deposits, gold deposits, clay and malachite.

Map dwarfsville ru cap01

Dwarfsville, original state.

Base stateEdit

The starting territory has:

The Western part of the village has:

The Eastern part of the village has:

The South part of the village has:


  1. Location Dwarfsville was renamed to Dwarfville in the 21.07.2015 update.
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