Emptyland (formerly Empty-earth[1]) is a location that can be reached via the Portal.


The area is made up of several territories, which can be accessed one after another.

  • starting territory
  • Territory South-end area / land south of the lake, via Big Pit
  • Territory North-end area / northern lands, via Gates to the North
  • Territory East-end area / land east of the lake, via Gates to the East


Resources: special resources are cedar pine trees and malachite.

Map emptyearth pz1

Empty-earth, original state.

Base stateEdit

The starting territory has:

The land south of the lake has:

The northern lands has:

  • Decoration/ Structure: 1 Quarry, 4 Paved path (3 Old Up, 1 Corner);
  • Treasures: 1 medium cedar chest.

The land east of the lake has:

  • Decoration/ Structure: 1 Bench (blue), , 9 Paved path (Old Up), 17 Fence (7 brown, 3 red, 3 brown with vines, 4 brown with vines broken);
  • Item: 3 Hay (1 Hay x250, 2 Hay x10), 1 Feed x50;
  • Animals 5 Cow (3 Adult, 2 calf)
  • Treasures: 1 small cedar chest, 1 large chest, 1 Large Fireworks


  1. Location Empty-earth was renamed to Emptyland in the 21.07.2015 update.

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