Energy (in the form of energy points, or EP, represented by the blue lightning bolt Energy requ) allows you to do various actions, such as clearing natural resource objects, digging plant beds, and other things.

The player's EP bar is found in the upper right screen; its natural/regular energy limit/maxium rises in the process of gaining levels and titles (the player starts out with 15 Energy requ).
EP regenerate with time up until the regular limit. Any EP gained from items, rewards, visitor interaction, etc will be added onto the current amount of EP even past that of the regular limit.

Energy items can be used to gain energy, as long as the EP bar is not full. Here too the amount of energy received may exceed the regular limit of the energy bar.

The regular limit (or if exceeding the limit the current amount of energy) indicates the size of resources that can be cut manually, as well as the weight ( Weight icon) of travel finds and similar objects that can be picked up for storage or airship cargo.

Combo spellsEdit

On travel locations, resources can be cut down with combo-clicks or combo spells. Combo-clicking means clicking the target quickly several times in a row (5 clicks or more), which adds the clicks into a single spell which gives bigger rewards and travel finds. There is also a button in the bottom menu that can be activated to enable automatic combo-clicks; with this, the player need only click once but gets the same effect as a manual combo spell.


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