For the building sometimes also called Estate, see Manor.

The Estate is a location and the space of the Lady. Here she can build and use structures, harvest natural resources, farm crops and keep animals. The Knight's equivalent space is the Camp.

The Estate randomly generates new weeds and grasses and unwieldy stones from time to time.


The Estate is located in the Kingdom close to the King's Road[1], and has been inherited by the Lady on her 16th birthday from her parents after being in her Aunt's custody.

There is a village in the neighborhood of the estate, whose mistress the Player is.[2] The village is led by the village headman.



Subareas/-territories: The Estate is made up of several territories, which can be accessed one after another.

  • starting territory (center-north)
  • Territory Beyond The Wall, via Gates. (E)
  • Territory Western, via Bridge. (S)
  • Territory Waterfall (area), via Rubble. (W)
  • Territory Mountain (area), via Upper Bridge. (W) It also unlocks the platform (NW), reserved for the Castle.



Access structures:

Base stateEdit

On starting the game, the Estate has all the following content (click expand to open the collapsed list):

Estate's starting area has:

Beyond the Wall has:

Western Territory has:

  • Decoration: 1 Paved Corner, 2 Paved (end);
  • Treasures: 2 yellow-red gift box, 1 purple gift boxes.

Waterfall has:

  • Decoration: 1 Paved (center), 3 Paved (end);
  • Treasures: 1 yellow-red gift box, 1 purple gift boxes.

Mountain has: Stairs leading back to starting area

  • Platform for Castle
  • Decoration: 8 Paved (end);
  • Treasures: 1 yellow-red gift box, 1 red gift bag.


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