Quest descriptionEdit

Everything is ready for your first cooking lesson. The Dishes you make are the keys to a man's heart. In addition, you can also make some good money by selling them. Let's start!


Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Dough 1 Open the Kitchen and make dough 3 Ruby requ
Pancakes 1 Make one serving of pancakes 3 Ruby requ
Coins3 1 Sell a serving of dough from the table menu 3 Ruby requ

Quest completion descriptionEdit

I have made my first Dish today. It's OK that the pancake is lumpy; the important thing is that it's the first one!

Quest illus aunt

Aunt Mary: You have an entire estate now, you are an adult lady now. Let me tell you something IMPORTANT about life in our Kingdom.
Player: OKAY
Aunt: Life is hard. But worst of all is a life WITHOUT LOVE, in disgraceful loneliness and, often enough, in poverty, But we all have to pay for happiness and a better life.
Aunt: The Knights risk their lives in combat to determine who is stronger and braver. The Ladies pay with hard labor and effort to make their Estates flourish. All of this serves one purpose.
Player: WHAT?
Aunt: To find your SOUL MATE, make the only right choice, and become a wonderful family living in love and happiness.
Player: HOW?
Aunt: Look around you. Maybe some KNIGHT likes you; that means you have an ADMIRER. Maybe you like someone; then you can have an IDOL.
Aunt: The difference between your Idols and your Admirers is in your relationships. If you like EACH OTHER and you are IDOLS to each other, then your union is beneficial and good for both of you.
Aunt: It's good because it increases the GLORY and STRENGTH of both of you. He dedicates his VICTORIES to you and your GLORY grows. You feed him with your DISHES and your GLORY grows again.
Player: GLORY?
Aunt: Yes, Glory and FAME. When you get titles, people in our Kingdom learn about you and you might get new ADMIRERS.
Player: WHAT FOR?
Aunt: First of all, it's just nice. Secondly, the more ADMIRERS and IDOLS you have, the more options you have, and the more likely one of them is to become your MATE.
Aunt: See if you have any ADMIRERS in your ADMIRERS bookmark. If you like any of them, click on his portrait and select ADD TO IDOL in the menu.
Aunt: One of your Knight friends can become your IDOL. Or you can look for an IDOL on the BULLETIN BOARD. Or you can INVITE your Idol to the game, too.
Player: I'LL TRY