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Game screenEdit

Basic game screenEdit

The game screen shows the location and player figure. Starting location and home of the player are the Estate for Ladies and the Camp for Knights.

Game screen 150610 lady edit legend

The game screen, an old version in use until 11.06.2015. New alterations are only minor, though.

Along the top of the screen are (left to right):

  • list of current quests (going down the left side of the screen)
  • Free gifts sending (Free gifts)
  • the player's bank of currencies of coins Coin scr and rubies Ruby requ, as well as the option to buy them
  • access to the Top of the week competitions / highscores (Top of the week)
  • the player's portrait, name, title (the crown) and level, with their experience Xp requ and glory Glory relv bars. Clicking on the portrait opens the Character menu. Next to the player's is their mate's portrait.
  • the energy bar ( Energy requ)
  • game settings: display in fullscreen (Button-fullscreenenter) and settings (Button-settings) for zooming, sounds, music, animation

Along the bottom of the screen are (left to right, in home locations):

Along the bottom of the screen are (left to right, in travel locations):

Game screen 150721 lady base

The game screen.

Combat game screenEdit

The combat game screen is shown during combat, fought by jousting.

Game screen combat edit legend

The combat game screen.


Cursor menu kohler2u

The cursor menu (while on travel location).

The Cursor, also known as a pointer, is the indicator used to navigate the game. It will change appearance when hovering over different things, indicating which kind of action can and will be performed upon clicking.
The cursor menu (also called "Manage" Button-managearrow) can be accessed by a button found in the lower right of the screen; in it there are a number of action cursors that can be directly chosen from.

  • Rotate, Move, Sell: do so to clicked object
  • Store, To hold: place clicked object in location Storage or Airship cargo storage
  • X-ray: function in the cursor menu, turns all objects transparent to allow to collect travel finds etc behind them
  • Cancel: cancel current action and reset to normal basic cursor

Character menuEdit

The Character menu is accessed by clicking on the player figure or their portrait image at the top of the screen. It has four tabs: Character, Moves, Abilities, Achievements

The Character tab shows the player's figure, their name and title. The glory and title menu can be accessed by clicking on the crown above the image. The figure switches between Civilian wear and Military wear menus via the button below the player image. Around the figure are slots for equipped wearables, and on the right is the Backpack menu for storing and managing wearables.

Moves shows the combat moves that can be performed in combat jousting and their possible combinations.

Abilities shows the player's combat abilities.

Achievements shows the player's combat Achievements.

Player accountEdit

Plinga game screen topEdit

  • Plinga management bar
  • Plinga management bar (OLD)
  • Settings

On top of the Plinga game screen is a bar with various features of the player's Plinga account and game.

  • Friends: friends management (see below)
  • To the shop (coin/ruby): buy currency
  • Watch video: to earn currency
  • Settings: personal information, language settings, logout, delete account, etc
  • Help

Friends managementEdit

Icon dwarfmegaphone

Invite more friends.

How to establish a friendship and put someone on your friendslist:

  • the in-game option of sending a Sign of Trust, but those are expensive and many find this function useless
  • at the bottom of the screen is your friendslist/friends bar: to the right of it is an Invite button. That gets you a window that allows you to invite a friend via various networks. The magnifying glass symbol gives the option to search for users already registered; just type in the name (it makes suggestions as you type), and click invite. (Note the names are the Plinga account names, which may not be identical to the names displayed in the game.)
  • Plinga management bar
  • Plinga management bar (OLD)
  • Manage player friendslist
  • Settings
  • Plinga's Friends management ('two people with plus sign' button above the game screen) opens a menu with three tabs: Invite, Accept, Manage. Invite shows a random selection players you can add as friend (this feature is not recommended since it is not sure whether those players are active or play the game you want them for.), and allows to search for people by name. Accept shows friending invitations by other people to you which you can accept. Manage shows a list of all your friends, and allows you to delete people from the list.

Friends can be added and dismissed as Idols, Admirers and Betrotheds by clicking on the friend in the friend bar at the bottom of the screen. Up comes a menu where you can appoint to and remove the person from idols, admirers, or betrothal.

Finding friends, active or otherwise of interest to you, for adding via above methods:

  • look at the Bulletin Board for currently online players
  • check the weekly victory lists for active players
  • check Matchmaking section in the wiki's Forum
  • keep in mind that your Plinga account's friendslist is for all Plinga games, so you already have all friends you made in the other games, or can go and friend someone in another game to gain them as a friend here.



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