A Geologist can mine subterranean resource deposits in travel locations. Geologists are stored in the inventory and can be transported by airship to their location of use; a geologist can be used once.

Resource deposits for the geologist are found through the Geo-Compass. (Resource deposits are randomly distributed on the map for each player.)

Geologist:[edit | edit source]

Manufactured at Factory
5 Leather + 10 Dragon Tooth
Time: 2h Time icon.png
Sale price: 2000 Coin scr.png
Weight: 30 Weight icon.png
Super geologist.png
Super Geologist
Manufactured at Factory
2 Boots + 20 Dragon Tooth
Time: 1h Time icon.png
Sale price: 3000 Coin scr.png
Weight: 50 Weight icon.png

Construction[edit | edit source]

All geologists can be upgraded for the same items.

Structure Stage Materials Reward Function
Lvl 1
Purchased from factory
Lvl 2
10 Wood, 20 Milk, 5 Dragon Tooth ?? Xp requ.png,
Lvl 3
10 Stone, 3 Draconite, 5 Dragon Tooth ?? Xp requ.png,
Lvl 4
30 Raspberry, 5 Draconite, 5 Dragon Tooth ?? Xp requ.png,

Function[edit | edit source]

Can be used on these locations:


The Geologist Miners which can help you mine rare resources, can be produced in the Factory, and weights 30kg and 50kg each.
With the help of a geologist on the locations, you can get:


Once a deposit has been discovered place your Miners on the spot. Super geologists have a larger range so will mine in and around the area of their reach, giving more chances to get more items.

Each new deposit will need a new miner so its recommended you use the Super Geologist for more range, more deposits less chance and less time.

Resource deposits mined by geologists can have sizes from 170-260pcs(?).

Quests using the structure:[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Formerly the Geologist needed 1 Vitamins, 1 Wheel, 5 Dragon Tooth to work. On 20.05.2018 the Plinga version changed that, making the use of the Geologist free.
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