The Kitchen creates Dishes. Finished Dishes are stored on the Table.

This is a Ladies only structure.


Structure Stage Materials Reward Function
Kitchen lv1
Lvl 1
  • 1 extant on Estate
  • not buyable
Kitchen lv2
Lvl 2 "Kitchen"
10 Apple, 5 Steel, 2 Nails 250 Xp requ Lets you cook Dishes.
Kitchen lv3
Lvl 3 "Bakery"
50 Stones, 20 Knife, 5 Gloves 500 Xp requ,
100 Glory relv
New Level 2 recipes.
Kitchen lv4
Lvl 4 "Confectionary"
15 Honey, 10 Bottle, 3 Apron 1000 Xp requ New Level 3 recipes
Kitchen lv5
Lvl 5 "Brandy Kitchen"
200 Cocoa Beans, 50 Paint, 5 Neckerchief 5000 Xp requ Cook the most exquisite Dishes.


The Kitchen cooks various dishes and dish ingredients, which are stored on the Table.

  • for a detailed cooking guide of available dishes, see Dishes


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