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Knights and Brides (original title: Верность: Рыцари и Принцессы "Fidelity: Knights and Princesses") is a game by Vizor Interactive Ltd.

It is distributed by Plinga, Facebook, and other portals. This wiki is based on the Plinga version; differences to other versions are marked.

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The game is available in the following languages:

  • Russian: Верность: Рыцари и Принцессы
  • English: Knights and Brides
  • German: Ritter und Prinzessinnen
  • Spanish: Caballeros y Princesas
  • French: Dames et Chevaliers
  • Dutch: Ridders en Prinsessen
  • Polish: Rycerze i Ksieżniczki
  • Português(Brasil):

·English: Knights and Brides · Deutsch: Ritter und Prinzessinnen · Español: Caballeros y Princesas · Français: Dames et Chevaliers · Nederlands: Ridders en Prinsessen · Русский: Верность: Рыцари и Принцессы ·

Articles on the wiki contain a language template to list the terms in different language versions.

NOTE: See the Multilingual Board in the Forum for help or talk in non-English languages.

Gaming platforms[]

The game is distributed by several companies; their game versions are seperate and self-contained, and may have different gameplay and update status. This wikia is based on the Plinga version, so unless otherwise mentioned it is accurate for the Plinga version
There are also dozens of complilative game sites that feature the game, but those second-tier sites only link to one of the mentioned distributors and to not keep an "own" version of the game.

Distinct versions of the game are:

Second-tier portals that link back to other versions/servers are:

This list is far from comprehensive. If you find and identify more distinct versions or linked versions, please add them.

NOTE: Again, this wiki is based on the Plinga version, so unless ontherwise noted all information is and should be accurate to the Plinga version. Minor version differences, e.g. like prices or different material requirements, can be added in articles additionally -- i.e. do not erase the Plinga information, and remember to mark it as information from a different version. Larger, more extensive differences may require extra paragraphs, subheadings, or articles as needed.

Please consider adding the version and gender you play to your profile page to help avoid confusion, or remember to offer the same information when needed if you didn't.

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