Lake of Sorrow is a location of the Faraway Lands that can be reached via the airship.


The Lake of Sorrow lies north of the Kingdom, beyond the mountains of the Northern Range.[1] In it lies a lake with an island on which is stood the Fairy Tree.

The land was inhabited by the wood dwarves.[2] The Ancient Swords, a sacred dwarven monument, was on the shores of the lake.[3]

Bandits from the Mountain Valley invaded it and enslaved the population; the dwarves' Fairy Tree wilted.[4]



Objects to take home:

Resources: special resources are clay, silver, and diamonds.

Geologist resources: Clay, Iron, Diamond.


"Create colony" requirements:

  1. Empty the Fairy Tree storage. It should be empty.
  2. Collect all chests, baskets, bundles of grass and logs from the territory.
  3. Free all the prisoners, destroy the towers and take away the swords base.
  4. Kill all monsters.
  5. Clear 30% of the land of stones and plants.
  6. Complete the Fairy tree quests.

Reward: 10 Ruby requ, 100,000 Coin scr, 100 Energy requ

Daily Rewards:

(Weight: 178 Weight icon)

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  3. Mountain Valley
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