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Player knight hearty bg

The player character is controlled by the player, and can be either a female Lady (also called Princess) or a male Knight. Each option focuses on and opens up different areas of gameplay, with the Lady building and leading the economy of her Estate and the Knight managing his Camp preparing for and engaging in fights and tournaments.


At the start of the game the player is made to choose first between playing as a Lady/Woman or as a Knight/Man; this choice is permanent and cannot be reversed in-game.

The second choice given is between three player options, each bringing different appearances (head image and clothes) and inheritance into the game. The second choice has no further effect on the game aside from the starting setup; the inheritance is a one-time gift, and clothes, head, and even (for a fee) the name can be changed at the Fitting Room.

Choice Head Clothes Inheritance
Char ladyblond
Energetic Lady
Energy drink +15
4x +15 Energy drink
Char ladyblack
Affluent Lady
Coin requ
50000 Coin scr
Char ladyred
Stylish Lady
Basket pink flowers
Basket of flowers
Char knighthearty
Hearty Barbarian (Hearty Knight)
Headm-Post rocker
Post Rocker
Clothesm-Barbarian rig-out
Barbarian Getup
Lance 01
Ancestral Lance
Char knightdistinct
Distinct Knight
Headm-Blondie rambler
Blondie Rambler
Clothesm-Knightly outfit
Knightly Outfit
Shield 01
Char knightbold
Bold Knight
Headm-Post rocker
Post Rocker
Clothesm-Casanova rig-out
Casanova Getup
Bold armor


The player character was orphaned in the past, their parents disappearing when they were a small child, and is now coming of age. In this they are guided by their family members Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill, who explain the game mechanics and deliver quests.


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