Resources exist in area maps, like the Estate and Camp, and can be cut down to gain resource items.

If resource objects are within the player's energy limit they can cut and harvest the resource. If cut by hand the player receives bonuses of e.g. experience and collector items. In home areas, trees and rocks leave behind treasure chests when fully cleared. In travel areas, combo-clicking (5 clicks or more) on resources yields travel finds with better rewards.

Resources can also be cut down by the Sawmill and Quarry automatically, without energy requirements, and without an object size limit.

Some natural resources are a renewing resource and reappear on the map occasionally; weeds and grass do so often, trees and rocks more rarely. Some objects go with the season, e.g. by being snow-covered in winter.

Travel locations also have underground Georesources, which can be found with Geo-Compasses and uncovered with Geologists. Underground resource deposits are randomly distributed on the map and located differently for each player.

The overview here and in the resources' articles list resources as standard, meaning there may be here-unmentioned variations of various kinds in the game, for example in sizes or in items and rewards gathered from them, e.g. in special circumstances or events. Many special resources also appear in other locations as mundane grass/wood/stones-containing resources.


Grasses and weedsEdit

Weeds give clover. Grasses give grass, as well as clover and stones.


Shrubs give grass and wood.


Trees give wood. They can be cut with a Sawmill.


Stones/Rock give stones. They can be Quarry-mined.


Minerals give their respective resource. They can be Quarry-mined.


Metals give their respective resource. They can be Quarry-mined.

Wild cropsEdit

Wild crops can be cut for the respective crop.


Misc other:


Object Information
Res chest special

Special Chest, 15pcs (left by Catapults)
Bandits' Treasure, 1pcs (left by Bandit's Guard Towers, contains Basket (blue, big))
Prisoners' Gift, 1pcs (contains Basket (red, big))

Bandits' treasure neverland 1File:Bandits' treasure neverland 2.pngFile:Bandits' treasure neverland 3.png Bandits' treasure in Neverland (22pcs, 50pcs, 80pcs)

Temporary resourcesEdit

Resources temp icon

Temporary resources are special resources that are temporarily available. This can be due to featuring in events, being seasonal, or similar circumstances.

Event resources on home locations usually become sellable (with the Manage:Sell function) after the event, and can be removed this way without expending more energy or items.

Special flowers: These most commonly appear during events on the event location and the home location. The home location flowers are usually 3pcs, can be moved, and additionally to spawning can be created in the Genie's House.


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