The Ruby bank is a special structure.


Structure Stage Materials Reward Function
Ruby bank
Stage 1
1 bought at Market


The Ruby bank stores a percentage of rubies the player has spend and spends in the game. The accumulated rubies can be collected once only.

Translated from the Russian site (WARNING: not necessarily accurate to the Plinga version of this wiki! Please confirm and integrate confirmed information.): You can collect the Rubies in the bank ONCE. Then the Ruby Bank will turn into a decoration.

It's only possible to buy the Ruby Bank ONCE and it MUST be placed at Camp/Estate.

For every purchase in Market using Rubies, 20% of the Rubies will end up in the Ruby Bank.

When you reach levels: 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 you will get a bonus. The size of the bonus depends on how many Rubies you got in the bank.

  • Level 20: Bonus 20%
  • Level 25: Bonus 20%
  • Level 30: Bonus 25%
  • Level 35: Bonus 25%
  • Level 40: Bonus 30%

To collect the rubies in the bank, the following criteria must be met:

  • You must be at Level 15 or higher.
  • You must have made a purchase of Rubies or Coins. (Watching Video Ads also counts as a "purchase"). After your Ruby/Coin purchase, you got 45 minutes to collect the rubies in the bank.


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