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uest description[]

I am sorry now that I've given in to this reckless scheme. At first, waiting made me worry; now I am getting angry -- where the devil are they?

Quest objectives[]

Icon Quantity Objective Skip cost
Dummy.png 5000 Listen to gossip; collect 5,000 XP interacting with neighbors' structures. 20 Ruby requ.png
Wheat.png 100 Harvest 100 bags of wheat -- outfit a second expedition to find the first. 20 Ruby requ.png
Wheel.png 5 make five wheels -- four for the cart and a fifth one just in case, for the second expedition. 20 Ruby requ.png

Quest completion description[]

We started at dawn and haven't gone three miles when we met out wanderers around the bend of the road. They were trying to pull the cart out of the gutter and swearing fearfully. It took half a day to move all the stuff from their cart to ours and bring everything home.


The cost of skipping the production of 5 wheels is also 20 rubies