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INFORMATION and other things are found through the index on the front page or the Search function. New things and changes in the game are listed at Update.

EDITING guidelines and article page templates are in the K&B Wiki Guide. A To-do list exists and also collects move+deletion requests.
Multiple game versions exist; this wiki is based on the Plinga version (PLPlinga logo.png), while differing information from other versions (e.g.FBFacebook logo.png) can be added if labelled.

LANGUAGES: If you play a non-English version of the game, you can add those version's terms (e.g. item or quest names) in the language templates present on the articles. This also enables the search function to find relevant articles with the other languages' terms. There is a subforum set aside for other languages: Board:Multilingual.

NOTE: The to-do lists at the top of this page are automatically generated by wikia in some way, and are not made by us. Also this whole page here is terribly broken as of writing this note, so the stats are all buggy.

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