Sunfair is a location in the Faraway Lands that can be reached via the airship.

It goes together with the Sunfair questline.


Part 4 of the Weather lands.

Reward is another upgrade to the Weather Master.

​You can create a colony in Sunfair now.

Sunfair QuestlineEdit

File:Quest icon sunfair.png

Questline available with Level ?.
Themes: 05.06.2019 Sunfair update, Sunfair.

  1. Sunfair
  2. ...



Happy Tinmen (Build and Upgrade to remove the Sadness Aureoles over the Flower Fairies.)

Bee Catapult (Find 200 Little Bees to arm and fire the Bee Catapult.)

Objects to take home: ...


Georesources: ... .


"Create colony" requirements:

  • Empty the storage. It must be empty.
  • Collect all chests, baskets, bundles of grass and logs from territory.
  • Complete the 'Flower Stuff' quest line.
  • Clear 20% of the land of stones and plants.
  • Cut out all Mithril before turning it into a colony.

Rewards: ? Ruby requ, ? Coin scr, ? Energy requ

Daily Rewards: ???. (Weight: ? Weight icon)


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