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Swampland is a location in the Faraway Lands that can be reached via the airship.


In-game tagline: "Pyramid surrounded by swamps."



Objects to take home: Paved path, Fence (vines), Colored path, ...

Resources: special resources are Clay puddles, 6 Giant's skull (SW, E, NW, center, NE, W), Gold (S, center, N, NE, W), Red Marble (SE, NW), Bananas (SW, center), Pineapples (S, NE), Cocoa Tree (S, N), Vanilla (E, NW).

Georesources: Clay x3, Gold x3; Collection: Nephrite Collection.

Monsters: Bandits x4 (5 & 7 in S, 5 in NE, 7 in NW). More appear randomly after actions.

Russian version map

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"Create colony" requirements:

Rewards: 25 Ruby requ.png, 150000 Coin scr.png, 150 Energy requ.png

Daily Rewards:

(Weight: 82 Weight icon.png)