The Table (or Dinner Table) stores Dishes. They can be eaten to gain effects for combat and jousting. Dishes are created by Ladies in the Kitchen, or can be bought by Knights at the Market (accessible through the Table); Ladies can serve Dishes onto their Knight Idol's Table.

Each dish or dish ingredient takes up a slot of space on the table. For the table to hold more dishes or to be able to cook dishes with more ingredients it is necessary to buy more slots.


Level/ Stage
Materials Reward
Table empty
Lvl 1 "Dinner Table"
  • 1 extant on Estate/Camp
  • not buyable
further slots can be unlocked: Lady: 20 Ruby requ, 50 Ruby requ, 100 Ruby requ, 200 Ruby requ, 300 Ruby requ, 500 Ruby requ
Table: fullness stages
Table empty

Table full1

half full
Table full2

Table full3

12+ hour worth of food?
Holiday Meals?
(1 or more borscht)
Table full4
Soups and Stew
(3 or more borscht,
soup, casserole, stew)
Table full5

Halloween/Holiday Meals?
(1 or more Bloody Mary, ...)


  • for a detailed cooking guide of available dishes and their effects, see Dishes
  • for a detailed guide of dishes effects on jousting, see Jousting


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