The road to wishes questlineEdit


Questline available with Level 8.
Themes: Wagon.

  1. Ready?
  2. Fire Smoke
  3. Community Power
  4. What Adorns a Woman (Lady) / What Adorns A Man (Knight)
  5. Wholehearted Spread
  6. Taking Care of Them
  7. The Fairest of Them All
  8. Jolly Wagon (Lady) / Jolly Wagon (Knight)
  9. Rosy Roses (Lady) / (Knight)
  10. Fine Fragrance
  11. A Hundred Pals and Nails
  12. Gift-backs (Lady) / (Knight)
  13. When the Cat's Away (Lady) / (Knight)
  14. Not Enough Fire
  15. Summer Is Not Forever


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This is the quest line for Knights to get the Jolly Wagon.

My Spring


Community Power

What Adorns A Man


Sweet Taste

Refreshments In Combat

Jolly Wagon