See also To-do list. This one here was from User:F0NNi, who is MIA.

List of items and things to do on the wiki, this should hopefully help organize the wiki a bit.


This is a list of missing pages, images, items and other that still need to be done/added. Please sign your name to the area of the list you are working on so no others clashes with you on that item. Thank you. When you are also working on a project that's being added or not on the list please add it to the list, in case someone else has the same idea and is also thinking of adding it to the wiki.

Missing ImagesEdit

Pages with missing images


Images on:Edit


Missing ArticlesEdit

Pages with missing data.


Quests of:Edit

Knight quests

Lady quests



Items, Names of Items and Pages that needs to be added as well as well as Personal adds.


New PagesEdit

F0NNi Working on:Edit

  • add { {Time|} } to each page that needs time
    • workshop items
  • Edit dishes/Iitems:
    • buy -> craft
    • add skip cost { {Ruby|??} }
    • add { {Time|??} }
    • add !Craft cost:

|{ {Coin|?} }, { {Time|?} }


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