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Travel finds are objects found on travels to locations, e.g. the Faraway Lands, and yielded by their natural resources. Combo-clicking (5 clicks or more) on resources in travel areas yields travel finds with better rewards. They can be packed into an airship and brought to the home area. Upon unpacking at the home area they open and release their content.

Travel finds have a weight, which is relevant for the amount of cargo space the player's airship can carry. The find's weight is also the amount of energy points needed to pick up the find and place it in the airship; to be able to pick up a find, its weight has to be equal or smaller than either the player's natural energy limit or current amount of energy points (if the limit is exceeded).

Travel finds that are inaccessible for selection with the cursor because they are hidden behind other objects can be retrieved through use of the X-ray button fuction.


Grasses, shrubs, trees[]

Rocks, minerals, metals[]



Temporary travel finds[]

Travel finds temp icon.png

Temporary travel finds are special travel finds that are temporarily available. This can be due to featuring in events, being seasonal, or similar circumstances. See also Temporary resources.


Red marble is also named Marble in travel finds.


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