Treasure Island is a location in the Faraway Lands that can be reached via the airship.

It goes together with the Treasure Island quest.


Tagline: "Find the pirates' riches."



Objects to take home: Paved path (16 straight, 14 end), 1 Pirate flag

Resources: special resources are Gold (S), Iron (SE), Silver (SE), Cedar (SE), Clay (center), Marble (NE), Red Marble (NE), Diamonds (NW), Bandits' Barricades (NW).

Georesources: Diamonds x3, Gold x3.

Island area treasure chests contain: 12 Pile, 12 Barrel, 12 Net, 10 Awning, 5 Statue, 5 Fountain, 5 Greenhouse, 10 Column, 10 Arch, 30 Obelisk Ruins, 60 Water, 240 Meat, 30 Cambric, 30 Gauntlet, 10 Diamond Drill Bit, 25 Tequila, 25 Matches, 50 Medal, 50 Fan, 24 Ladder, 120 Nails.


"Create colony" requirements:

Rewards: 25 Ruby requ, 150000 Coin scr, 120 Energy requ

Daily Rewards: 15 Silver Ore, 3 Rods, 10 Planks, 3 Glass, 5 Malachite Ore, 3 Ring, 5 Bottle, 5 Gold Ore, 10 Flax. (Weight: 192 Weight icon)


  • The Stockade and Pirate Flag found in this location can not be moved or stored.
  • You can put Pirate flag in your ship 30.12.2016. - plinga version

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