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Potnia von Tierau

Ach social idols

39.000+ edits on this wiki.

Playing via Plinga, as PotniaZoon with a Lady named "Potnia von Tierau". I speak Deutsch, English, and very rusty Francais.

I put the wiki up on 31 Jan 2015 because there wasn't any. No, I am not affiliated with the game or its developers in any way. I built up almost the whole thing by my lonesome for two months before anyone else cropped up. The wiki was then nearly entirely written by I and F0NNi over the first year. We hit 1000 pages in Dec 2015. I continued again pretty on my own through 2016. In summer 2017 I got some help again, that petered out by 2018.

You can contact me on my message wall (or my alternative Talk Page here), even for "in-game conversation" stuff; because the in-game messaging via gifts is quite cumbersome. For overseeability, if you message me several times and it's about the same general topic (e.g. wiki matters/editing/personal) please consider posting in a continuous thread instead of opening a new one every time. It's easier to navigate and follow if the conversation/correspondence with a person and/or on a topic is in a continuous thread instead of scattered.

General questions not personally directed at me should go to the respective articles' comments or Forum, where they reach a wider audience than just me.

I also have a personal matchmaking thread in the Forum. Forumthreads otherwise tagged for me: Topic:User:PotniaZoon.


Symbol female This user plays as a Lady.
Plinga logo This user plays the Plinga version of the game.
de This user speaks German.Flag deco germany
en This user speaks English.Flag deco united kingdom

fr This user speaks French.Flag deco france
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