This wiki guide contains helpful information for this wiki, guidelines for the design style, and templates for article pages and other things.

Wiki guideEdit


Navigating the K&B wiki:
Content can be found via the Search function or by clicking through via links to the relevant article from an overview or related article. The Index on the front page provides an overview and links to the most common topics; many of these links go to illustrated overview articles. New things and changes in the game are listed at Update.

Wiki matters: things to do for this wiki. Collects move, deletion & other requests. Discussions about wiki style & policy.

For help with wiki editing in general and wiki code, check the Wikia-provided help pages at Help:Contents, such as Help:Editing, Help:Links, Help:New page.

Game versionsEdit

Game / versions:
This wiki is about the game Knights and Brides. The game is distributed by several providers, and thus exists in several versions that are not identical. Known version are Plinga (PLPlinga logo), Facebook (FBFacebook logo), and VK (VKVk logo).

The K&B Wiki specifically was founded/based on the Plinga version of the game (PLPlinga logo); that's the version the founder(s) play(ed) and documented here. So unless otherwise marked, all content is usually Plinga-version. Players of all versions are welcome to use and contribute to the wiki, with a single caveat: do identify which version you play and where the information in coming from. Differences between versions are thus identified and can be labelled as such to avoid confusion. (Otherwise another version's editor may overwrite or delete it as an error, although it's valid in another version. Identifying provenance immediately avoids that.)

Tip: Registered users can add their version info on their user profile (see also Userboxes). Anonymous users can add it in the edit summary (or a note in the article where necessary).

Misc basicsEdit

This wiki's regular language is English (I'm looking at you Spanish person(s) who randomly switches text to Spanish). Translations of terms in the various language versions can be added to articles with and in the translation template. There is also a Multilingual subsection for non-english forum threads in the Forum.

The language template may gain or lose languages as they are added or removed from the game. On articles, unfilled slots for removed languages may be removed too, but filled-in slots of now-removed languages should stay.

New content / Updates:
Content from an update is supposed to be listed ASAP on article Update (or the event article, or other list articles if not from an identifiable update). This is to keep track of content, so it can be added and listed everywhere else as needed. For readers it provides an overview of everything new, and for editors a list of articles that needs to be added, edited, sorted, and images uploaded for.
It is important to provide names (and names accurate in spelling and capitalisation) asap when introducing a new object/etc, so it can be added and linked correctly. If there's no name there's nothing to work with. If it's an incorrect name it multiplies the work because it has to be corrected everywhere later. Give other editors (who may not have access to the source themselves) the most accurate information to work with, and if information is not sure -- warn for it!

Wiki pagesEdit

Spelling and capitalisation for page-names are game-conform, with exceptions, e.g. an obvious atrocious spelling error/typo is involved, or disambiguation is needed etc. Media/image file names are low-caps.

During renaming or page splits and merges, take care to keep the page history. If there are multiple histories to choose from, the one that takes precedence is the older, longer, and Lady one (which usually is the former things).

Article designs, icons, templates:
Page layouts can be found in the template section of this guide, and their relevant pieces of source code text copy-pasted into articles.

Redirects are kept...

  • for things linking to a collective article dealing with them (e.g. Friend, Idol, Admirer link to Relationship). Do not replace those links with the redirected-to article name, as that erases the differentiation.
  • for things that have/had multiple names or were renamed in-game (e.g. article and file "Canvas" still link to "Cloth")
  • for file links linking to a in-common image (e.g. the in-game lance names being redirected to the base lance images Lance 01-11, instead of the same images being newly uploaded for multiple lances).


Map emptyearth northend pz1

e.g. filename: Map emptyearth northend pz1.png is a map screenshot of the location Empty-earth, of the subterritory northend made by PotniaZoon.

Media file categorisation:
Media files are categorized into one or more thematic categories (i.e. the same categories used for article pages). Any leftover images that do not fit any of the established categories, or where one is unsure of the fit, can be filed in Category:Miscellaneous.

Personal media of any kind (e.g. screenshots, avatars, ...) are not sorted into the main media and thematic categories unless they are very relevant, to prevent them cluttering with personal images. (They can go into Category:Media users instead of the main Media category/ies, if needed.)

Media file naming:
Spelling and capitalisation for files are game-conform, with exceptions, e.g. an obvious atrocious spelling error/typo is involved, or disambiguation is needed etc. Media file names are made in all low-caps. (Not counting prefixes in some cases; usually in older files that haven't been updated yet.)

Most regular image file names are just the name of the thing in low caps, e.g. in the case of items, structures, and the like. Various other categories of naming have specific styles, most often a type prefix. Examples are: resources prefixed with "Res ", collection items with "Coll ", wearables with their type and gender. In most of those cases their style can be found by looking at existing files of the type in their categories or the base code of page templates using them.

Screenshots / personal files / misc:
For uploading "non-offical" images (e.g. various screenshots, personal images) that are not intended as main illustration images, please use distinctive names, somewhat descriptive if possble. They should not clash with current or future mainspace/top-tier/"official" images.

Thus don't give a game screenshot of yours just a one-word name of the topic, as that could interfere with official images; make it individual by adding e.g. your initials and some numbers (e.g. "Map_LOCATION_YOURNAME_TOPIC/ETC"). But do give a cut-from-a-screencap image intended as main illustration the official name. (Rule of thumb: is it supposed to go in an infobox or table as main illustration of the object? If not, don't hog the name.)

Media file edits / reuploads:
If you make an edit of an uploaded image, reupload it under an altered name so as not to overwrite the base image; e.g. if you made a labelled version on a screenshot, don't overwrite the unlabelled clean version. If the game changes a design, usually the old file is renamed and kept separate, while the new design is uploaded to the old name.


Community, Communication, Comments, Forum

Users and visitors to this Wiki can communicate in a variety of ways: Article comments, User talk pages, Forum threads & posts, and the live-and-ephemeral Chat. (The following mostly pertains to the first three.)

When posting a comment to a user page, article, or forum, please make sure to add it to the topic or context it pertains to. Posting to the proper context makes sure people can find it, both those who could answer as well as others with the same questions.

Comments, User talk, and Forums allow threaded conversations. Adding comments to existing threads on the topic instead of opening up a new one keeps the conversation together and orderly.

Links also work in comments/posts. Use them to link to and illustrate what you are talking about the same way the wiki does.

Forum threads can be tagged with articles from the wiki and thus categorized. Tagged thread categories can be accessed by clicking on the tag below the thread. They are also shown in the "Related Threads" section and listed under the articles tagged.



Intro/Navigation box: Template:KaBWiki/Navigation Main page news column: Template:KaBWiki/Newscolumn Main page links column: Template:KaBWiki/Wikiaffiliates

Article page templatesEdit

Article page design templates. Copypaste the relevant source code text from the pages below into articles.

Infobox design templates.

Icon templatesEdit

Provide icons and links for common stats, currencies, etc.

User templatesEdit


Userboxes on your profile can give information about you, and also categorizes your userpage in the relevant User category without you having to do so manually.
Stating on your userpage what game version you play (Plinga/Facebook/...), or whether you play a lady or knight, helps a lot to remove ambiguites and prevents others having to ask everytime it is relevant. Adding you languages eases communication.

To add an userbox to your profile page by add to its source code: "{*{User xx}}" (remove the asterisk and insert wanted attribute for xx). If you want to use them but not show the boxes you can hide them behind a collapse function, like this "<*div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">here</div>" or in a collapsed table. Copy-paste-ready sourcecode; remove asterisks(*) and fill in whatever is applicable:

{*{User en/de/fr/etc}}{*{User lady/knight}}{*{User plinga/facebook}}
<*div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">{*{User en/de/fr/etc}}{*{User lady/knight}}{*{User plinga/facebook}}</div>
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