Wearables are all things or items worn or equipped by the player. Types of wearables are Armor, Shields, Lances, Heads, Clothes, Rings. Some wearables are specific to Knights or Ladies while some are unisex and thus useable by both.

Wearables are equipped, managed, and traded in the Backpack menu and Fitting Room.

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Backpack menuEdit


"Sell item" icon


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Wearables (clothes and equipment) are stored and managed in the Backpack inventory, which is acessed either in the Character menu (accessed by clicking on your figure or your image at the top of the screen) or in the Fitting Room.

Wearables are equipped and unequipped by picking them up and dropping them in the "wear" slot or in the inventory slots. Wearables can be sold by picking them up and dropping them on the sale icon in the Backpack inventory's lower right corner. Additional storage slots for wearables can be bought with rubies (1 slot = 5 Ruby requ).

The Character menu switches between Civilian and Military wear menus via the button below the Player image.

Wearables can be bought in the Fitting Room.

The Backpack menu also stores Pets.

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