Weatherland is a location in the Faraway Lands that can be reached via the airship.

It goes together with the Weatherland questline.


Tagline: "A rainy location to hide your tears in."

Weatherland questlineEdit

Quest icon weatherland

Questline available with Level 15.
Themes: 31.01.2019 Weatherland update, Weatherland.

  1. Flying weather
  2. Rainy Mood
  3. Wet Feet
  4. Loud George
  5. Let It Rain!



Objects to take home: Dwarf the Weathermaster.

Resources: special resources are Fairy Flower, Mithril Deposits, Diamonds, Magic Flower, Giant Mushrooms,Chest with a Fan

Georesources: ...

Sublocation: Rain HeartEdit

Rain Heart is a sublocation in the location Weatherland. It can be reached through the Flower Arch portal.

Structures: Storage, ...

Decorations: ...

Resources: Diamonds.

Georesources: ...


"Create colony" requirements:

  1. Empty the storage.It must be empty.
  2. Collect all Chests,baskets,bundles of grass and logs from territory.
  3. Complete the ' Weatherland' quest line.
  4. Clear 30% of the land of Stones and Plants.
  5. Cut out all Mithril before turning it into a colony.

Rewards: 20 Ruby requ, 100000 Coin scr, 100 Energy requ

Daily Rewards: 20 Energy,10 Rain Time,1 Pinecone,1 Rod, 1 Silver Bar,1 File,1 Vitamin,2 Magic Elixer, 7 Silver Ore, 2 Gold Bar, 2 Diamonds, 7 Gold Ore. 2 Blackpearl . (Weight: 182 Weight icon)



Here are where the baskets are for those of you that are stuck.


Also - Need diamonds? Mine them at other places, bring them back to your Estate and then make sure you load them onto the Airship!

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