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If you have noticed from the dates the game seem to mostly update Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday bi-weekly.

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  • Game News 23-12-2015 12:14
  • Update; Game News 16-12-2015 13:19
    • Help Ruby the Reindeer find all the lost gifts, save Christmas by defeating the one who caused it all the Evil Captain Icicle!!! Read more here!
  • Game News 08-12-2015 16:03
    • New Temp location, victorium, what happened to the armor and weapons? Read more here!
  • Update; Game News 24-11-2015 12:50
    • Thanksgiving event! Knight can dedicate to all idols at once! Read more here!
  • Game News 10-11-2015 13:33
    • The sculptor has come to pay us a visit but he'll be here for only 2 weeks!!! Read more here!
  • Update; Game News 28-10-2015 05:14
  • Forum and Game News 18-10-2015
  • Forum and Game News 15-10-2015
  • Game News 13-10-2015 10:52
    • Swimsuits in October!?! Complete this new quest to find out why. Read more here!
  • Update; Game News 29-09-2015 15:38
    • Temp Location added, Golems are back, but watch out they are no longer the Champions we once knew!!! Read more here!
  • Game News 15-09-2015 17:06
    • Send your citizens on adventures and colonize your locations. Read more here!
  • Update; Game News 02-09-2015 1:11
  • Forum Update: 21-08-2015 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, "Vizor Interactive"!!!
  • Game News 18-08-2015 17:06
  • Update; Game News 04-08-2015 05:50
    • Engineers have been working hard to get you this structure. Read more here!
  • Game News 21-07-2015 14:19
  • Update; Game News 07-07-2015 17:05
  • Game News 23-06-2015 10:02"
    • A lovely Horse Statue, a Wagon and a minigame also new quests. Read more here!
  • Update; Game News 10-06-2015 14:25
  • Update; Game News 11-05-2015 06:49
    • New Titles, New quests, New adventure and much more. Read more here!
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