The Zonk Table is a structure that enables the player to play the dice minigame Zonk, possibly earning coin and other rewards.

Construction[edit | edit source]

  • no construction required
  • 1 rewarded by quest Special Game
  • storable in the Inventory

Function[edit | edit source]

Lucky Combos
5 50
1+1+1 1000
4+4+4 400
5+5+5 500
2+2+2+2+... 200+200+...
1+1 + 2-2's/2-3's/2-4's/2-5's/2-6's
2+2 + 2-1's/2-3's/2-4's/2-5's/2-6's
3+3 + 2-1's/2-2's/2-4's/2-5's/2-6's
4+4 + 2-1's/2-2's/2-3's/2-5's/2-6's
5+5 + 2-1's/2-2's/2-3's/2-4's/2-6's
6+6 + 2-1's/2-2's/2-4's/2-4's/2-5's
3 pairs=750
1+2+3+4+5+6 1000(guaranteed)
3 ZONK! in a row -1000


1. Throw the dice. Pick at least one scoring combo. See table on the left for scoring combos. You can finish the round only when you have at least 300 points.

2. Throw again? Go ahead. But if there are no scoring combos in your throw you will Zonk!

3. Zonk for three rounds in a row and you will lose 1,000 points. If all six dice make scoring combos in a round you get an extra throw and the round is continued.

4. Combo roayale (1-2-3-4-5-6 straight rolled at once) bring 1,000 guaranteed points and an extra throw. There are 10 rounds in Zonk. You have to get the declared number of points

5. Double points (2+2+2+2 or more dice of the same number rolled at once) continually doubles in number. Example; three 2's equal 200. Each 2 added after will be an additional 200. Making it 400 then 600 then 800. If it were 1's you would get 1000 then 1000 each after that, making it 2000, 3000, etc....


1. Get the declared number of points and win coins, energy and even rubies.

2. Step one: select the amount of your bet from the options. Zonk bet option.png

Zonk bet type 1.jpg Zonk bet type 2.jpg Zonk bet type 3.jpg

3. Select the number of points you plan to score in 10 rounds. Please note: rewards vary not only with your bet, but also with the number of points you declare Zonk declared rewards.png

4. If you score the declared number of points you win! Your winnings equal your bet times the ratio of the declared amount.

5. If you do not score the declared amount you will only lose your bet.

6. Wishing you: NOT TO ZONK!

Quests using the object:[edit | edit source]

Lady quests:

Knight quests:

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